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Just look around all is needed, and everything fits together.

Just look around all is needed, and everything fits together.

Hi my name is Taro. I like to share with you this little Zen story about comparison:

A samurai a very proud warrior came to see a Zen master one day. This samurai was very famous, but looking at the master, looking at the beauty of the master and the grace of the moment. He suddenly felt inferior. He said to the master why am  I feeling inferior, just a moment ago everything was okay. As I entered your court suddenly I felt inferior. I have never felt like that before. I have faced death many times, and I’ve never felt any fear. Why am I now feeling frightened? The Master said, wait. When everybody else has gone, I will answer you. People continued the whole day to come and see the master, and the samurai was getting more and more tired waiting. By evening, the room was empty, and the samurai said, now, can you answer me?

The Master said, come outside. It was a full moon night, the moon was just rising on the horizon. And he said, look at these trees, this tree high in the sky and this small one beside it. They both have existed besides my window for years, and there have never been any problem. The smaller tree has never said to the big tree: Why do I feel inferior before you? This tree is small, and that tree is big, why have I never heard any whisper of it?

The samurai said, because they can’t compare.

The master replied, then you need not ask me. You know the answer.

When you don’t compare, all inferiority, all superiority, disappear. Then you are, you are simply here. It small bush or a big high tree. It doesn’t matter. You are yourself. But a grass leaf is needed as much as the biggest star. The sound of the cuckoo is needed as much as any Buddha, the world will be less rich. If this cuckoo disappears.

Just look around all is needed, and everything fits together. It is an organic unity; nobody is higher than nobody is lower, nobody’s superior, and nobody inferior. Everybody is incomparably unique. Without comparison, there is no suffering.

I wish you a great day full of wonder and loving what is.

Taro Gerritsen, silent-awareness.com


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